John and the wild reindeer. An arctic adventure

by Unni-Lise and Ola Jonsmoen. Translated from Norwegian by Martin Wik Fowler

ISBN 9788290346749

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“Grandpa,” John shouted. He was scared. “Grandpa!” he shouted again. He was surrounded by a herd of wild reindeer that ran around him in a large circle.

“Grandma,” he shouted. But neither Grandpa nor Grandma could hear his shouts. One could only hear the clopping of hundreds of hoofs as the reindeer’s feet met the rocky ground. Only a small doe stopped and looked with interest at John.

John and the wild reindeer – An artic adventure tells a story of John going to the Norwegian mountains to practice mountain walks together with Grandma, Grandpa and Joe the mountaineer. Here John meets a herd of wild reindeers of the high mountains in the north giving him fantasy of being a reindeer himself. A beautifully illustrated book for children.